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Partslist / ersatzteile

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Partslist / ersatzteile

Beitragvon Kauly » 25.10.2021, 21:00

Hello guys , i am new here. I am from Czech Republic, i dont speak german, so this is why i use english.

i am near to get my hands on O319 ( Blue top, "yellow" down. ) . its promised to me , but not yet at home ( as soon at will be home i will post some pictures ) .

i worked in automotive parts shop for 11 years, but i cannot find this type in Mercedes catalogue that i have still access to ( because of shorter VIN that is now standard ) ... before i will go to MB dealership , do any of you have a experience with this ? Or do you know the MODEL DESIGNATION number for O319 ?? for example It should be like 102.910, but i cannot find anything. Even cannot find it in TecDoc.

Or you have to relay on old book of ersatzteile ( i have pdf version , but only pictures , no parts list with MB numbers )

What is your experience with original mercedes or aftermarket parts searching ? i have allready find

Maybe i will visit him in near future, because front window is smashed.

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Re: Partslist / ersatzteile

Beitragvon Robjota » 26.10.2021, 12:24

Hi Kauly
Good wishes for your new aquisition.
My experience with the L/O319 series is relatively new 4 years.
There are 2 types of books available, the almost useless parts books that are everywhere with no part numbers, just item numbers. I believe there are also parts books (like gold dust) with part numbers. I dont have one and I've never seen one available for free, or on PDF and I doubt I will ever see one.

You wont find the Chassis numbers on databases, like Tecdoc, Autodoc, insurance databases etc, but you will find the Engine models without too much difficulty, eg,, since they are shared and hence much more widely available.
You will find as with any vehicle make, parts are widely used throughout a manufacturer and you can use various databases to help you with this. For eg, propshaft trunnions from VITO or G class, parts from T2 L406 . Also many parts on the 319 series have the part number on them and you can search out these numbers occasionally as "some" made the transition onto the T2 before mutating in 309.......... part numbers.

So my experience of finding aftermarket parts is reasonable but only after 100's of hours analysing, measuring, searching the internet, thinking laterally and because I need to (not a popular vehicle here). However I will say, the window seals are unique, even the front windscreen rubber has a specific profile that you probably will not substitute effectively. Engine, trans, brake linings, brake seals, hoses, generic

The biggest and most time consuming problem is usually Corrosion, everywhere where metal is against metal :)

Rob (UK)

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Re: Partslist / ersatzteile

Beitragvon zehbeh » 27.10.2021, 11:02

Hi Kauly, Rob,
there are parts books of the 319. To my mind they aren't that rare, otherwise I wouldn't have one. Maybe they are really rare in english.
Here is a extract from that book:

Its a book with more than 700 pages, mostly parts numbers. Is this what you were referring to?
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