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Tur schlossen

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Tur schlossen

Beitragvon Compay » 23.01.2022, 13:27

Hallo 319 familie.

Ich suche 319 schloss mit schlussel. Nur eine fur die rechter seitentur. Kann mann die cylinder vervangen? Erneuern? Gibt es noch originale neu ins verkauf? Oder schloss von anderes type? Vielleicht mercedes 406D. Andere frage die schiebefenster ins cabine. Die sind slecht gemacht das auch bei neue gummi das wasser noch rein lauft. Gibt es 319 fahrer die eine fixed fenster da gemacht haben .mit dieselbe gummi wie die seitenfenster,? Danke rob

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Re: Tur schlossen

Beitragvon Robjota » 25.01.2022, 00:56

Hi Rob.

Here's my two penny worth.

The handles have the key number stamped on them. I made 2 new lock spindle with square shaft because 2 of them had sheared / broken. Probably available new from Reinhard. I couldnt find easily from other Mercedes .No to L406...

If it's just the tumblers (leafs) they can be cleaned up to get moving again. They have to push outward to allow handle to engage. The 2 parts separate by pulling a leaf.

I'm pretty sure the windows and doors all use the same profile. I still have a template for the rear fixed glass see .below.
E.g if you really wanted to. You could take the rear door glass and rubber seal . Fit in to the front door.

There are many options for sliding glass channel but the Mercedes uses tight tolerances so if the channel is too fat, the original glass won't slide so well.

Glass is easy to have made to pattern, watch radius on corners otherwise the seal will not fit well.

The original steel channel should locate on top of the rubber gasket to help seal but trapped water has nowhere to escape but in-board. Or through screw holes.

This template worked for my van but it may not be exactly as per original glass( corner radius, exact dimensions, depends on the rubber seal dimensions also). Better to measure a factory piece of glass .
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